The fascist candidate is a total piece of shit

I AM SORRY TO (again) TALK about politics here, but I have to.

I will have to clearly say again: I don’t hang around with FASCISTS. Don’t think that I am making out words, BOLSONARO is a Fascist, much worse than Donald Trump.

Workers Party was in power for 14 years and I saw many members of this party being arrested and I also saw congressmen impeaching a president for political reasons. Never saw Workers Party take a undemocratic action, like: Use the army against the population, use Federal Police to investigate government opponents or force bills without passing congress votes. Now the right says that Workers Party wants “to turn Brazil into a Venezuela” – a country that has complex and specific problems which are far way of simply say that socialism is the cause – but it seems that Bolsonaro is closer to make this country a dictatorship than Workers Party (now represented by Haddad).

This guy named BOLSONARO does not respect democracy, he said that “critical thinking” must stop, he has no economical plan, just say that state is interfering too much in the market, just like Mussolini did. Unfortunately many capitalists stayed on Mussolini’s side because it was good for business, good to let workers know “their place”. Here the Christian Churches are supporting BOLSONARO, saying he is the representation of god against evil and that he defends Family, God and Morality, even given the fact that he is in his third marriage, he said that he used public money that he should be receiving to “f*** people”. Bolsonaro does not even have a degree or experience conducting business, but suddenly he is the best for economy.  There’s a lot to be said, he is a fascist. Before this election we used to say that, now that the world know Bolsonaro it is clear that he is a piece of fascist shit and I will never vote for him.

Not convinced, see these videos:


If, for a miracle, Workers Party comes back to power and try to do any movement in direction of totalitarianism you can count on me to fight against it. In 2018 my vote will go again with Workers Party for a lot of different reasons that I can explain, but mostly because Bolsonaro is a piece of shit.


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